How to become an EARN member?

EARN privileges membership of think tanks and networks with interest, track record and expertise on broad and/or specific areas of concern of EU-Africa relations (e.g. development, humanitarian, political, security, migration, trade, environment, and other areas of concern to EU-Africa relations).

Membership is however not exclusive to these and can be enlarged to include academic centres and non-governmental organisations with relevant expertise, engaged in relevant activities and in explicit accordance with this Mission Statement.

Regardless of membership, individuals with relevant expertise and experience in the areas of interest and activity of EARN can also participate in the network activities.

The decision to accept a new member is taken by the Steering Committee, upon consultation with members, in accordance with the following criteria:

  • Intellectual independence and non-interference in the work of the organisations/institutes by governments, multilateral bodies or funding agencies. This should be reflected in the mission statement, statutes and governance structure of members
  • Membership can in the future be subject to fees. Members shall contribute through own means (financial and non-monetary means) to the activities. Ownership of the network will only be developed when members contribute effectively to the intended results of the network
  • Membership criteria:
    Earn Membership Criteria (doc)

    Please contact us for further information- doc
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