Statement of the EU-Africa Business Forum

The EU-Africa Business Forum was held on 7 December and brought together business federations, chambers of commerce and major companies from the EU and Africa. In the final statement they declare that they:

  • Emphasise the importance of an enhanced and diversified private sector for a sustainable development and the alleviation of poverty on the African continent.
  • Are pleased that “trade and regional integration” is one of the four policy priorities defined in the Joint EU-Africa Strategy.
  • Call upon the governments on both continents to deepen the involvement of civil society and non state actors in their policy making processes. Private sector representatives can deliver valuable input for subjects like sustainable agriculture, energy, governance and employment.

The statement also included recommendations on how to promote trade, interconnectivity and entrepreneurship and thus to contribute to the aims set out in the trade chapter of the Joint Africa-EU Strategy.

Download the Statement – pdf
See the Business Forum’s website

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