Europe-Africa Trade Union Summit

A Trade Union Summit was held on 26-27 October in Lisbon, Portugal, addressing the relationships between Europe and Africa, bringing together more than 60 trade union leaders from Africa and Europe ahead of a European Union – African Union Summit. Statements in the final declaration includes that the trade unions of Africa and Europe:

  • insist that decent work is placed at the heart of the Joint Strategy and thereby becomes the cornerstone of just, democratic and participatory societies in Africa and Europe
  • maintain that the Joint Strategy should affirm and recognise that the ratification and respecting of fundamental labour standards are a prerequisite for the sustainable development of African and European countries
  • demand that regional integration includes a real social dimension, which represents a challenge in both Europe and Africa
  • stress, once again, the urgent need for development funds, enabling the Millennium Development Goals to be achieved

Download the final declaration (doc) – EN ; FR ; PT
Read more about the meeting.

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