Trade and regional integration questions for the EU-Africa joint strategy

While Africa and Europe both strongly advocate regional intengration and cooperation as a route towards sustainable development and poverty alleviation, a key challenge for the drafters of the joint EU-Africa strategy is to ensure that trade is not considered as an end in itself, but
as a means towards a wider development agenda.

Examples of key questions on this topic are the following. Help set the agenda for the public debate on this issue by sending us key points, initial views and comments. As the consultation goes along we will structure the various ideas and launch more detailed rounds of discussion in a few weeks on the basis of your suggestions:

  • Regional integration has done a lot to promote growth and prosperity in Europe. How can the EU most effectively support regional integration in Africa?
  • How can Africa ensure that gains from trade and regional integration are distributed in equitable manner and conducive to poverty alleviation?

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