Europafrica bulletin – Issue 4 – 23 May 2007

The EU and the AU jointly launched a public consultation at the beginning of February on the elaboration of a joint EU-Africa Strategy to be approved at the second EU-Africa joint Summit that should be held in Lisbon at the end of 2007. The first phase of the consultation is reaching its end, and the results have been shared with the officials that have been drafting a first outline of the strategy.

ECDPM (European Centre for Policy Development Management) has been facilitating this consultation process during its first phase until May, aiming at seeking the views of African and European Non State Actors on the future EU-Africa joint Strategy.

This is the fourth issue of the Europafrica bulletin (click here for the previous issues), which will give you an up-date on the public consultation for a joint EU-Africa Strategy. This edition focuses especially on the outline of the strategy, and how issues raised in the public consultation have been taken into consideration.

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Outline of the Strategy approved

The outline of the joint strategy has been prepared by EU and AU officials that have participated in negotiations since February. It was approved at the joint Ministerial Troika Meeting on 15 May. For further information on the Ministerial Meeting, download the final communiqué here – pdf . The outline should be published shortly. Please check our website regularly to be kept informed.

The public consultation on the joint EU-Africa Strategy: What is the state of the debate and to what extent are civil society recommendations reflected in the outline?
Recommendations have been given by civil society in Europe and Africa mainly through two seminars (in Accra, Ghana and in Bad Honnef, Germany) and the Internet consultation. This ECDPM paper summarizes issues raised and provides an analysis of to what extent these have or have not been integrated in the outline approved on 15 May. On the basis of this, suggestions are made of points that could be the basis of the public consultation until the Summit at the end of the year. View the paper heredoc .

The three following reports were presented and distributed to the African and European officials taking part in the negotiations prior to the joint EU-Africa Ministerial Troika Meeting.

Report from African civil society seminar on the joint EU-Africa Strategy in Accra (Ghana)
An African Civil Society seminar on the joint EU-Africa Strategy organized by the African Union Commission took place in Accra Ghana on 26-28 of March. The purpose was to kick-start the African consultation on the EU-Africa Strategy, to inform civil society of the process as well as formulate initial recommendations for the negotiations. Read the report here.

Report from Conference on ‘Civil Society and the Joint EU-Africa Strategy’, Bad Honnef (Germany)
As the final step of the first phase of the public consultation, ECDPM organised a Conference on Civil Society and the Joint EU-Africa Strategy in cooperation with VENRO, the Association of German development NGOs. The Conference allowed African and European Civil Society actors to formulate expectations vis-à-vis the EU and the AU regarding the contents of the EU-Africa Joint Strategy and their role in it. Key messages and recommendations were identified and communicated to the official negotiators. This report presents the main results of the Conference. View the report here.

Report of the Internet consultation
ECDPM has prepared a report on the Internet consultation on the EU-Africa strategy. It summarises the ideas that have been raised in the first phase of the consultation process from the beginning of February until end of April. View the report here.

42 position papers received
42 position papers have been sent by African and European organisations and networks as contributions to the public consultation. You can find all of them here.

ECDPM is assessing its role as facilitator
ECDPM has played a role of facilitator during the first phase of the public consultation. We are now assessing whether our role has been useful and in what way(s) we could have the most added value during the second phase of the consultation. We would welcome your feed back on this issue. Please send your comments to

We will continue to keep the website up-to-date sharing news on the official process and the consultation. Please continue to send us documents and information that you would like to share.

Seminars and events on the joint EU-Africa Strategy:

15/5: EU-Africa Ministerial Troika Meeting: adoption of the first outline of the Strategy and a mandate to continue the preparations of the joint strategy

15-16/5: A delegation from the European Parliament visited the Pan-African Parliament during their Seventh Ordinary Session, to discuss input into the joint strategy.

7-8/6: CONCORD general assembly in Brussels, Belgium: will include session on the future of the EU-Africa partnership.

12-13/6: Joint EU-Africa expert meeting in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (to be confirmed)

19-21/6: Pre-Summit civil society meeting in Accra, Ghana, where the future joint EU-Africa Strategy should be discussed. A database on pre-summit activities is being established.

25/6-3/7: African Union Summit in Accra, Ghana

October: Parliamentary conference for members of Parliament from Europe and Africa in Lisbon, Portugal organised by the North-South Centre and AWPEA (to be confirmed)

29-31/10: Civil Society Forum on Euro-African Dialogue in Lisbon, Portugal

Beginning of December: EU-Africa Youth Summit, with the aim to increase young people’s participation in the evolving Euro-African partnership organised by the North-South Centre in Lisbon, Portugal. The Youth Summit will be preceded by several regional consultation meetings, two in Europe and five in Africa.

Beginning of December: EU-Africa Summit of Heads of States and Governments (to be confirmed)

Please let us know of any events that you are planning, so we can put them in the calendar.

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