Responses by civil society actors to the EU Strategy for Africa

The EU Strategy for Africa was adopted by the Heads of State and Government of the EU in December 2005. The strategy is entitled “The EU and Africa: Towards a Strategic Partnership” and aims to provide a comprehensive framework for the EU’s relations with Africa. You can read more about the strategy on Europe Cares website.

To discuss the content of the strategy a civil society conference was organised in Vienna 22/23 of June 2006 called SOUND of AFRICA. It brought together more than 290 participants from 40 states across Europe and Africa. In addition, the conference was prepared through regional NGO-meetings in Africa and Europe.

The purpose of this post is to bring to your attention the results of the Vienna conference, as well as to share other responses made to the strategy, before and after its adoption. Many of the points made can still be of relevance to the joint strategy that is now being developed. If you know of other papers written on the EU Strategy for Africa that you think should be included in this list, please send an e-mail to: and we will make sure that they are added.

Sound of Africa

  • Vienna Declarationpdf
  • Several seminars were held in Africa and Europe, issuing recommendations to the conference:

  • Results on EU-Strategy-Workshop in Bratislava, April 2006
  • CONCORD: The Europe-Africa strategy: between vision and reality – pdf, April 2006
  • EurAC / Goma (DR Congo):recommendations (in French) – pdf, April 2006
  • HORIZONT3000 (Uganda) – pdf, May 2006
  • GGLN / Cape Town (South Africa) – pdf, May 2006
  • VENRO, EADI, DIE – Bonn (Germany), May 2006
  • CARE / Bamako (Mali) – pdf, June 2006
  • Background Paper on political dialogue By Pascal Richard, NIZA (Dutch Platform) – pdf, March 2006
  • ActionAid International

  • “A Feminist Assessment” Speech by Mary Wandia, Action Aid International at the WIDE Conference on the EU-Africa Strategy – pdf, March 2006
  • Africa does not need vision, but real aid, October 2005
  • Africa Groups of Sweden

  • Comments on EU Strategy, December 2005
  • BOND

  • The EU and Africa: Towards a strategic partnership – pdf, February 2006
  • Response to the Commission’s: “EU Strategy for Africa: Towards a Euro-African pact to accelerate Africa’s development” – doc, November 2005

  • “From Cairo to Lisbon: the EU and Africa Working Together for a New partnership”, position paper 2003
  • Letter to the European Commission on governance, peace & conflict, and trade, August 2005
  • Letter to the European Commissioner for Development & Humanitarian Aid Louis Michel, on agriculture and the role of civil society in governance, September 2005
  • Further information on the EU Strategy for Africa by CIDSE

  • The EU must do more and better for Africa – doc, October 2006
  • Initial comments on the EU- Africa Strategy – doc, October 2005

  • The EU & Africa: Towards a Strategic Partnership – pdf, February 2006
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