ACPLGP contribution to the consultation

The ACP Local Government Platform (ACPLGP) has submitted a contribution to the consultation that focuses on the importance of the strategy relating to the people in Africa and Europe, and that it is not just a product of central leaders.

    “In our view, the decision to develop and joint strategy based on a common political vision creates congenial conditions for consultation at all levels of the cooperation. […] the Africa/EU cooperation will be viewed with seriousness as it will have fulfilled one of the most cardinal principles of the type of cooperation (such as AU/EU) through participation. Democracy in theory may not be viewed as democracy by those not involved. Participation coupled with the availing of vital information to the parties concerned builds confidence and helps to create strong linkages between various levels.”

Contentwise the ACPLGP call for a consideration of democratic governance at the national, global and local levels. They also highlight the importance of including local authorities in conflict prevention, since “most conflicts have their roots from tension between local communities”. The contribution emphasises, however, that at this stage a thorough consultation with various stakeholders in the field is needed, which in turn should set the basis for the content.

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