Contribution by FEMNET

Roselynn Musa from African Women’s Development and Communications Network, FEMNET, Nairobi, Kenya has submitted a paper focusing on gender and trade.

    “It has often been propositioned that ‘trade’ and not ‘aid’ is the catalyst that will plunge African countries from unending poverty to economic prosperity. There is no denying the fact that trade has brought benefits for African women particularly in generating a rise in employment opportunities, yet research into the impacts of trade policy on gender relations and equality paints a disturbing picture of many perspectives. […]
    The paper therefore challenges some of the myth claiming that trade liberalisation brings many benefits at very little cost […]. It discusses issues of gender and trade in Africa centering on employment, labour, privatization, salary gaps, and the impact of trade on productive and reproductive spheres. It analyses the effects of policy measures put in place by African governments to regulate trade and how they relate to gender roles and relationships.
    It also focuses on the relationship of trade, on the one hand, with gender and poverty, on the other, within the context of the human development paradigm.”

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