Contribution by Oxfam International

Oxfam International has submitted a contribution highlighting the principles of real partnership, transparency and mutual accountabilty as fundamental for EU-Africa relations. They call for a strategy built on Africa’s needs, political priorities and expectations. Different issues are brought up divided into three areas:

Trade, investment and regional integration

  • The EU’s current proposals on the EPAs “are in danger of undermining the very policies that African countries require to promote regional integration and transformation of their economies.”
  • How FDI and remittances can support equitable and pro-poor growth needs to be explored further

Peace and security
“The EU and AU should:

  • Agree on establishing mechanisms to monitor violations of humanitarian law, signs of state failure, and emerging conflict, in order to take timely action to prevent and stop such crimes.
  • Prioritise support for the successful negotiation of a robust International Arms Trade Treaty – with the high-level diplomacy required; […]
  • Acknowledge their commitment under the Responsibility to Protect to use civil and military mechanisms for preventive crisis response”.


  • All EU member states should live up to their promise to increase their aid, without artificially inflating their figures.
  • Aid predictability should be increased.
  • Policy coherence should be ensured in EU policy.

Download the contribution in full – doc

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