What is planned for the second phase of this consultation?

The second phase of the consultation will take place from May 2007 until the EU-Africa Summit foreseen in December 2007. An outline of the future joint EU-Africa Strategy was approved at the EU-Africa Ministerial Troika on 15 May 2007, thus providing an official basis for civil society organisations to engage upon. As of May, the consultation will thus be of a different nature, relating to the outline.

ECDPM will continue to provide the following:

  • Updated information on the process: official negotiation process, timeframe, various position papers published and events organised by civil society organisations, etc. This website will be updated regularly and regular bulletins will be sent to provide all interested actors – among which the negotiators – with the latest information (to subscribe, please send an e-mail to: europafrica@ecdpm.org).
  • General analysis on the progress of the negotiations as well as on specific content issues when necessary

Various events are planned on both continents, by civil society organisations as well as the AU Commission. You will find a complete calendar of relevant events on this website. Please send us information about relevant seminars/conferences you are aware of.

You can also submit contributions and position papers to us and we will post them on the website and share them with the negotiating officials. Please send them to: europafrica@ecdpm.org

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