Europafrica Bulletin Issue 29 – 14 September 2009

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• General information



Second EU-South Africa Summit to Tackle Climate Change and International Financial Crisis
According to a EU press release Karel De Gucht, European Commissioner for Development and Humanitarian Aid is in South Africa today for the second EU-South Africa Summit. Global issues from climate change, the financial crisis to peace and security matters in Africa and beyond are to be discussed.
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EU-South Africa Summit on the 11th of September
The Swedish EU presidency website reports that on Thursday, 10 September, Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt will travel to South Africa to chair two summits with South Africa. On 10 September, Mr Reinfeldt will hold bilateral talks with South African President Jacob Zuma. The following day, 11 September, Fredrik Reinfeldt, as representative of the Presidency of the European Union, will chair the EU summit with South Africa.
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EU-Africa Business Forum: 28-29 September 2009
The official Africa-EU website announces the EU-Africa Business Forum which will take place in Nairobi (Kenya) on September 28-29, 2009. The meeting focuses on discussions on the theme “Africa and Europe: On the road to new win-win partnerships”. The 2-day forum, which will be hosted by Mr Raila Odinga, Prime Minister of Kenya, will bring together African and European business leaders representing multi-nationals, large corporations, small and medium-scale enterprises and confederations, multilateral and regional institutions. The Forum is supported by the European Commission and the African Union.
For the Press Release and Draft Agenda, go to official website

Mobilizing Stakeholders: Citizenship in the AU-EU Partnership
During the European Development Days 2009, the event “Citizens at the heart of the Africa-EU Partnership – mobilising stakeholders” will take place from 23-24 October 2009.
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European Commission Staff Working Document: Implementation of the Joint Africa-EU Strategy and its First Action Plan (2008-2010) – Input into the mid-term progress-report
The European Commission has provided its own inputs into the mid-term review of the Joint Africa-EU Strategy to be discussed at the next EU-Africa Ministerial Troika in October 2009.
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EU Commissioner Potocnik in Africa to boost the Science Partnership between the African Union and the European Union
A recent EU Press Release has highlighted that for the first time, EU Commissioner for Science and Research Janez Potocnik will pay an official visit to the African Union and Kenya. From 7 to 9 September, he will hold high-level political meetings and will visit EU-supported research centres in Nairobi (Kenya) and in Addis-Ababa (Ethiopia).
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Wednesday 09.09.09: “AFRICAN UNION SCIENTIFIC AWARDS Ceremony: Five female Researchers will receive a prize for Excellence in Science”
Science and Technology is one of the key focal areas on Africa’s development agenda. The Constitutive Act, establishing the African Union, recognizes the need to advance the development of Africa by promoting research in all fields, and in particular, in science and technology.
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EU Call for FP7- Africa
The call for the Seventh Framework Programme has been made with a total budget of €63M.
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EU-African Union Scientific Partnership: €63 million to support research for Africa
Today, the European Commission launched a call for proposals entirely dedicated to research for Africa.
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EU- SA Summit: South Africa won’t sign emission cut targets if they hurt growth
News Agency Reuters report that South Africa, a major polluter due to its dependence on coal-fired electricity, will not agree to any emission-cutting targets if doing so hurts the country’s economy, a cabinet spokesman said on Thursday.
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Climate Change: Commission sets out global finance blueprint for ambitious action by developing nations
A EU Press Release reveals that the European Commission has put forward a blueprint for scaling up international finance to help developing countries combat climate change. This initiative aims to maximise the chances of concluding an ambitious global climate change agreement at the December U.N. climate conference in Copenhagen. Read the rest of this entry »

EU cuts funding for post-Kyoto climate deal
News Agency Reuters reports today that the European Union has scaled back plans to give billions of euros to poor countries to persuade them to help battle climate change, a draft document shows.
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Africa Threatens to Walk Out of Climate Talks
AU Monitor reports that Africa’s climate negotiators led by Ethiopian Prime Minister, Meles Zenawi, threatened to walk out of talks if the December climate summit in Copenhagen failed to consider Africa’s position.
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Africa seeks climate change cash
BBC Reports that the leaders of 10 African countries are gathering in Ethiopia to try to agree a common position on climate change.
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1st Meeting of the Conference of African Heads of State and Government on Climate Change (CAHOSCC)
The first meeting will be held on 24 August 2009 in Addis Ababa. For more information go to the African Union official homepage
Concept Note
Provisional Programme

AU Comission Workshop on EC-ACP Capacity Building Project on Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs)
On 11-13 August 2009, the Africa Union Commission (AUC) held a workshop on the EC-ACP Capacity Building Project on Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs). The workshop, which is organized by the Department of Rural Economy and Agriculture of the AUC, took place at the AU Headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
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EU refugee scheme receives mixed welcome
The European Commission (2 September) proposed a collective EU programme for resettling refugees, provoking mixed reviews from experts, a ‘Joint EU Resettlement Programme.
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Final Report of the IOM-UNITAR Workshop on JAES Migration, Mobility and Employment Partnership
The final EU-AU-IOM-UNITAR workshop report and presentations on the joint Africa–EU 7th Partnership on Migration, Mobility and Employment: Moving Forward involving Non-State Actors held in Brussels on 4 June 2009 is now available.
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EU to draft new immigration policy by October 2009
The European Union will issue new immigration policy proposals by the end of October, Sweden’s Foreign Minister Carl Bildt said on Sunday, responding to Italy’s plea for more coordinated EU action says the Washington Post on the 23rd of August 2009.
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Outlook Africa: Investing in Africa’s Growth and Health
The Friends of Europe published a report on the second international policy summit that focuses on the African continent, “Outlook Africa: Investing in Africa’s Growth and Health”.
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Securing stability in Africa: Unconventional Threats, Conventional Responses?
The Observatoire de l’Afrique invites participants to the seminar: “Securing stability in Africa: Unconventional Threats, Conventional Responses?” that will be held in Addis Ababa on 14 and 15 September 2009.
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Special Session on the consideration and resolution of conflicteration and resolution of conflicts in Africa took place in Tripli on the 31 August
At its 13th Ordinary Session held in Sirte, Libya, from 1st to 3rd July 2009, the Assembly of Heads of State and Government of the African Union (AU) adopted decision Assembly/AU/Dec.266(XIII) on the holding of a Special Session on the Consideration and Resolution of Conflicts in Africa.
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Peace and Security on the African Continent
Following the Decision adopted during the 13th Ordinary Session of the AU Summit which took place from 24 June to 3rd July 2009 in Sirte, Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, the Heads of State and Government of the African Union accepted the invitation of the AU Chairperson, Leader Muammar El-Gaddafi, to hold a special Summit for the consideration and resolution of Conflicts in Africa. This, he said will create an opportunity to further the quest for peace, security and stability in the continent.
Press Release


Africa must be committed to Integration
From AU Monitor, the chairman of the African Union Commission, Jean Ping, on Monday urged African governments and intellectuals to firmly commit themselves to African integration and make the people more aware in a bid to reach the goal.
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Commission allocates a further 53 million euro in humanitarian aid for drought response in Africa
According to a EU Press Release the European Commission has earmarked a further €53.475 million, through a series of financing decisions, for expanded humanitarian aid to vulnerable people in Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Chad, Burkina Faso, Niger, Mali and Mauritania. The funds are channelled through the Commission’s Humanitarian Aid department (ECHO) under the responsibility of Karel De Gucht, Commissioner for Development and Humanitarian Aid.
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EU team to meet with Mugabe in attempt to end Zimbabwe’s isolation
The guardian reports that a European Union team of government ministers and senior officials is to travel to Zimbabwe this weekend to meet President Robert Mugabe and to explore the prospects for the country’s gradual international rehabilitation after years of isolation, sanctions and blacklists.
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ODI Background note on the option for architectural reform in EU development cooperation
The Background Note by Mikaela Gavas and Simon Maxwell (August 2009) provides the context for a series of decisions that will be taken in the second half of 2009 about the architecture and staffing of the structures of the European Union’s Development Cooperation and explores possible options. It has been prepared as part of the European Development Cooperation Support Programme (EDCSP).
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Karel De Gucht’s vision of development policy presented in the European Parliament
Commissioner-designate for development policy Karel De Gucht exchanged views with MEPs on Tuesday, the 2nd of September 2009, on the challenges facing Europe’s development policy. A summary was available on the official EP website.
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“Let’s help Africa to help itself” – Article by Italian’s Foreign Minister Frattini
For too long the world has looked at Africa as a problem, as a continent plagued by poverty, disease and endemic conflict. The time has come to look at Africa from a different and more sophisticated perspective. Above all, we need to consider Africa as an opportunity says Frattini (22.08.2009).
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European Commission approves Tanzania’s biggest ever EU cooperation programme
The European Commission on 3 August 2009 formally approved the Annual Action Programme 2009 for the United Republic of Tanzania providing the country with € 385 million in assistance for budget support and infrastructure programmes that will enable pro-poor economic growth.
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The UK’s battle to make poverty history: Aid targets still to be met
Despite years of spending in the name of development, deep and widespread poverty has persisted in the vast majority of developing countries. The Broker online published an article highlighting UK’s fight against world poverty. The abridged version is presented here.
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The First Central and Eastern European President of the European Parliament
MEPs elected Jerzy Buzek to be the new European Parliament President with 555 votes in favour (or 86.18 per cent of the valid votes). He was elected after the first-round of voting.
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Sweden’s presidency of the EU: Plans for the next six months
The main issues identified by Sweden’s Prime Minister, Fredrik Reinfeld were climate change, economic crisis – “which in the long term is the greatest of our challenges”, and a smooth transition to the Lisbon Treaty. He also referred to the plans for a “Stockholm Programme” on justice and home affairs.
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Summary of the first DEVE Committee meeting of the European Parliament
The first Development Committee meeting of the European Parliament took place on the 21st July 2009 in Brussels, Belgium. The meeting was chaired by Ms. JOLY (Greens / EFA, FR).
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Gaddafi could be just what AU, NEPAD have been missing -An African perspective
AFRICA is in dire need of a benevolent dictator. Democracy as we know it cannot take us anywhere. When hunger strikes, we cannot feed our people on democracy alone. Good governance means that there are laws that every citizen, including the head of state must obey says Jerry Okungu in the New Vision.
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The Director General of Africa Affairs of China brief the AUC on the preparation of the Forthcoming FOCAC
In the framework of the forthcoming Forum for China–Africa Cooperation (FOCAC), the Director General of Africa Affairs of China and the Secretatary General of FOCAC, H.E. Mr. Zhang Ming met on the Monday 24 August 2009 in the AU headquarters, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, representatives of the African Union Commission (AUC) led by Ambassador John Kayode Shinkaiye, AUC Chief of Staff says the official website of the AU.
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Africa attracts $1 billion in fund flows this year
Reuters Africa writes that Africa has attracted almost $1 billion of net fund inflows this year, a reverse of the panic sell-off that hit the continent’s nascent markets at the end of 2008 and early 2009, according to fund trackers EPFR Global.
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New Netherlands Ambassador to the African Union
On 11 August 2009, Deputy Chairperson Mwencha recieved Mr. Hans Blankenberg, the new Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Addis Ababa and Permanent Representative to the African Union, who came for a contact visit at the headquarters of the African Union Commission in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Committee set up on United States of Africa as symposium ends
A Pan-African committee, which brings together intellectuals from Africa and the African Diaspora and representatives of various institutions and sub regions, was set up at the end of the symposium on the United States of Africa in Dakar Thursday.
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The State of the Union in 2009: The key achievements of the Barroso Commission

Paul Collier Interview on Aid in Africa

Paul Collier, author of “The Bottom Billion,” is interviewed on his opinion of Aid to Africa.
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Economist predicts failure of the Mediterranean Union

According to Afrique en ligne, an economist and General Secretary of the African Social Forum, Tawfik Ben Adallah, said Thursday in Dakar that the Mediterranean Union set up by the European Union (EU), comprising North African and Middle East countries, had very little chance of success.
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On Simon Maxwell’s ”A six-point plan for reforming EU aid”
In a letter expressing doubt about Simon Maxwell’s approach to EU aid reform, the author claims that of Simon Maxwell’s six suggestions for reforming EU aid, he can unhesitatingly support only two; expansion of the Peace Facility and combining all EU development policies under one Commissioner.
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Global recovery means development policy must top the international agenda
It was no accident that development issues ranging from aid to trade featured prominently at the G20 leaders’ summit in London, writes Douglas Alexander. But he warns that the EU still has much to do if the world’s poorest countries are to be sheltered from the worst effects of the crisis
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The MDGs Post-2015
The economic, food and climate crises are making it even harder to achieve the MDGs. But they also provide a unique opportunity to formulate a new narrative to guide global development after 2015.
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Civil Society Groups Slam AU’s Decision on ICC
More than 130 civil society and human rights groups across Africa issued a statement on Thursday, calling on African governments that are signatories to the International Criminal Court (ICC) convention to reaffirm their commitment and obligation to the court.
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10.09.2009: Geneva Scenarios on Global Economic Governance 2020,
EU-Office of Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Brussels
11.09.2009: Knowledge, policy and power: New directions in the development policy arena, ODI London
14.09.2009: Development and climate change: Launch of the World Development Report 2010, World Bank and ODI, London
14-15.09.2009: Securing stability in Africa: Unconventional Threats, Conventional Responses? Observatoire de l’Afrique, Addis Ababa
28.09-01.10 17th Session of the ACP PA and Inter-Sessional Meetings of the ACP-EU JPA
5/10: Joint Expert Group meetings on the thematic partnerships
6-8/10: Workshop on resources for the Joint Africa-EU Strategy and first Action Plan
9/10: Africa-EU Joint Task Force (JTF)
12/10: Expert meeting
13/10: Senior Official Meeting
14/10: Ministerial Troika meeting

More on the official EU-Africa website
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