AU postpones continental gov’t debate to next summit in 2009

The debate begun since Accra on whether or not to form a continental government, as first stage towards United States of Africa, could not end at Sharm El-Cheikh in Egypt. Heads of state attending the summit have decided to postpone the question to their next summit says news agency APA.

The next summit in January 2009 in Addis Ababa, would last three days – exceptional case – and during which the first day would be exclusively reserved for the debate on the Government of the Union.

Reliable sources at Sharm el sheikh, where the eleventh summit of the African Union was held explained that the same protagonists, the Libyan and the South African leaders and who were divided on the question since the inception of the debate this time were engaged in a more diplomatic manner.

Summarising the tense discussions, the chairman of the session took note of the adoption by the summit of sharm el-sheik, by the report of the committee of twelve which served as an introduction to the debates and gave the mandate to the chairman of the Commission to recommend the holding of the next summit in Addis’s next summit.

The only novelty in the new debate is reportedly Gambia’s recent alignment on Senegal’s and Libya’s shared position. President Bongo of Gabon has also underwritten to the stance, provided, however, that no change is made to his country’s constitution.

In the opposite camp, the Prime Minister Meles Zénawi whose country welcomes traditionally the January sessions of the conference of the head of state, showed a rather sluggish attitude by simply inviting a vote ” so that we finish with a question to which the majority of the member states do not adhere any longer”.

Ghanaian President Kufor, whose country hosted the launch of the debate on the unit renewal at the Accra summit last year, said he “does not understand how a parallel government could be useful” while “the current Commission is perfectly able to carry out missions and hold the place we wish to attribute to it through our decisions.”

The idea about the special debating day prevailed on that suggested by the heads of delegations that an extraordinary summit should be held instead.

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