EC Communication: One year after Lisbon: The Africa-EU partnership at work

Today the European Commission has officially published its communication ‘One year after Lisbon: The Africa-EU partnership at work’.

The purpose of this Communication is threefold: (1) to assess progress made during the first year of implementation; (2) to outline the main challenges ahead, thus serving as a basis for discussion among all stakeholders – EU Member States and institutions, African countries and institutions, parliaments, civil society and international partners , and (3) to provide input for the joint progress report for the Ministerial Troika meeting of November 2008. The Communication provides an overview of initial progress made on the overall political objectives of the Joint Strategy and the implementation of the 8 partnerships.

The annexes of this communication (commission staff working document) also provide you with the commission contributions to the implementation of the EU-Africa, thus next year’s delivierables on the 8 partnerships in specific.

Download documents:

EC Communication – pdf
Communication Annexes – pdf

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