Committee set up on United States of Africa as symposium ends

A Pan-African committee, which brings together intellectuals from Africa and the African Diaspora and representatives of various institutions and sub regions, was set up at the end of the symposium on the United States of Africa in Dakar Thursday.

According to Molefe Asante, an African-American intellectual, the committee will sponsor publications on key issues such as the project of the United States of Africa, the issue of security, currency and African Union Authority, among others.

The establishment of the committee was announced at the closing ceremony of the three-day symposium on the United States of Africa, which was followed by a forum on the role and place of Africa in the global governance system, organised by the Dakar-based Cheikh Anta Diop University and the Senegalese government.

Asante said the committee would also raise money, carry out researches on themes linked to African integration, publish and participate in the popularization of the results of the Dakar talks across the continent and the Diaspora.

Among other members, the committee comprises one representative from the Senegalese Foreign Affairs Ministry, the Vice Chancellor of the Dakar-based University, the Council for the Development of Social Science Researches in Africa (CODESRIA), African Universities’ Organisations, the African Union, the UN Economic Commission for Africa, the African Development Bank (AfDB), as well as some organisations of the African Diaspora.

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