Economist predicts failure of the Mediterranean Union

According to Afrique en ligne, an economist and General Secretary of the African Social Forum, Tawfik Ben Adallah, said Thursday in Dakar that the Mediterranean Union set up by the European Union (EU), comprising North African and Middle East countries, had very little chance of success.

“I am skeptical about this organization’s future because of the overwhelming influence of Europe” he told PANA on the sidelines a forum that rounded off a three-day symposium on the United States of Africa in the Senegalese capital.

The forum addressed the role and position of Africa in global governance.

Mr.Abdallah alleged that the decision to set up the organization didn’t have any local or popular input and had not been open to any debate, hence the African Heads of State’s involvement in the process was not fully defined.

He also expressed skepticism about the geo-strategic gains that Africa would make from the organization.

The economist said since Africa had relations with other entities other than Europe, creating a new space dominated by Europe means to some extent going against the natural course of history.

Speaking of the situation of North African countries with regards to the planned United States of Africa, the General Secretary of the African Social Forum said the countries had an African identity, but they belong to several polarities.

“Their first natural space is of course the African continent. But, because of history and many other things, they belong to the Arab as well as the Mediterranean world,” Mr.Abdallah added.

“Belonging to various cultural zones is in itself an asset not an obstacle to the achievement of Africa’s political integration,” he said, citing the example of the Mauritius, Madagascar, the Seychelles and Ethiopia.

Each of these countries represents geographical, cultural, and geopolitical characteristics which can be an asset for Africa.

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