Mobilizing Stakeholders: Citizenship in the AU-EU Partnership

During the European Development Days 2009, the event “Citizens at the heart of the Africa-EU Partnership – mobilising stakeholders” will take place from 23-24 October 2009.

This event will consider ways of mobilising stakeholders in order to deliver on the commitment to deliver a ‘people-centred’ Africa-EU Partnership.

The citizen dimension of the Africa-EU Partnership lies at the heart of the Joint Strategy adopted in 2007 in Lisbon by the heads of state and government of both continents. One of the objectives of the partnership is to be ‘people-centred’. In order to achieve this, a permanent dialogue has been established between parliaments, local authorities and non-state actors, including the private sector, economic and social partners, such as trade unions, and civil society.

What are the issues at stake? What progress has been made so far? What are the main challenges? How to reconcile the interests – which sometimes appear scattered or even divergent – of heterogeneous actors? Which mechanisms should be set up? How should a structured and efficient dialogue between civil society and state actors be set up? Do local authorities have a specific role to play? What are the similarities and differences between the European and African approaches? What should the role of the African diaspora in Europe be? What should be the role of foundations? How do we move forward?

These and other questions will be considered by the participants in this session, who will be invited to share their expectations, analyses and proposals. These will feed into the reflections of policy-makers.

Read more about the event:
Citizens at the heart of the Africa-EU Partnership – mobilising stakeholders

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