Policy Coherence for Development and the Joint Africa-EU strategy

This years Policy Coherence for Development (PCD) Report 2009 has a special section on the Joint Africa-EU Strategy. The case study on the Joint Africa EU Strategy (JAES) looks into the potential impact on PCD.

Adopted in December 2007, the JAES is a new framework that extends longstanding cooperation between the two continents beyond the boundaries of Africa, beyond development policy and beyond institutional actors. This new framework has also been an important step towards treating Africa as one and putting into practice the principle of division of labour to further enhance the coherence and complementarity of EU action. Given the short time frame since its inception and operationalisation, the JAES has shown some, albeit limited, impact on PCD outcomes to date. Expectations must be kept realistic, given the wider challenges associated with JAES implementation.

Read the short version of the PCD report 2009 – pdf
Read the long version (220 pages!) describing the case study in detail – pdf

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