African Preparatory Meeting on the JAES Financing/Resource Seminar

On the request of the Economic Affairs Department of the African Union Commission, African Member states representatives from Ministries and Embassies, Regional Economic Communities and AUC officials have gathered on the 1st of October 2009 in Addis Abeba to prepare for the Joint Africa-EU Strategy Financing/Resource seminar on the 5th/6th of October.

Participants have discussed what possibilities might exist to finance the activities under the Action Plan of the Joint Africa-EU Strategy on the African side and on the European side. All participants agreed that the Joint Africa-EU Strategy being a continental partnership needs some urgent revision of the current financial instruments to reflect the vision of ‘Africa as one’. Moreover, participants have discussed opportunities how to finance the 8 partnerships out of the AU budget to show ‘real African commitment’.

The African side will present its consolidated position at the JAES Financing/Resource workshop on the 5th/6th of October 2009.

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