Presentations from the Workshop for ACP Ambassadors on Lisbon Treaty, 16.10.2009

The workshop, jointly organized by the ACP Secretariat and ECDPM on the 16th of October in the ACP House, aimed at providing ACP Ambassadors with a brief overview of the changes in the EU following from the implementation of the Lisbon Treaty as they are expected to affect EU-ACP relations. In addition the workshop offers a platform for discussion and jointly thinking through the implications of a possible ratification of the Lisbon Treaty for the ACP as a Group.

This workshop is also envisaged as supporting the ACP Ambassadors in their work in relation to the ongoing and the future revision of the Cotonou Partnership Agreement (CPA), as some of the changes expected from the Lisbon Treaty are likely to fundamentally change some of the premises of ACP-EU relations in general and the role of the ACP Group in particular. This workshop should also provide insight to ACP Ambassadors in relation to their bilateral roles with the European Union.

Presentation where given by Ambassador Lingston Cumberbatch ( Former Chairperson of the ACP Committee of Ambassadors and Chairperson of ECDPM), Sir John Kaputin (Secretary General, ACP Secretariat), Dr.Paul Engel (Director of ECDPM), Mr. Ola Sohlstrom (2nd Secretary, ACP Working Party, Swedish Presidency), Dr. Simon Duke (EIPA), Dr. James Mackie (Programme Coordinator ECDPM) and Ms. Eleonora Koeb (Programme Officer, ECDPM). Almost all ACP Ambassadors where present at the meeting.

Download all documents here
Programme -doc
Background note – doc (engl) and  doc (french)
ECDPM on Lisbon and changes for ACP – ppp
Simon Duke on Lisbon and implication for external relations – ppp
Key messages and points for discussion -doc

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