New publication focusing on the JAES from the EARN Members on the website of the IEEI – Instituto de Estudos Estratégicos e Internacionais

The IEEI – Instituto de Estudos Estratégicos e Internacionais has published a new Issue “Global Challenges and Europe-Africa Relations: One Year after the Joint Strategy”, that draws on papers issued by institutions that belong to EARN, the Europe-Africa Research Policy Network, and on presentations made by participants at two international seminars held in Lisbon during the second semester of 2007.

Please download all relevant publications here:

  • Facing a Globalised World: The New EU-Africa Partnership João Gomes Cravinho
  • Major Achievements and Constraints in the Implementation of the Joint Strategy and its First Action Plan (2008-2010) José Briosa e Gala
  • A More Political EU External Action: Implications of the New Treaty for the EU’s Relations with Developing Countries Eleonora Koeb
  • The European Union’s ‘Strategic Partnership’ with the African Union Daniel Bach
  • Africa, China and Europe: Is There Scope for a Real Partnership? Patrícia Magalhães Ferreira
  • The New Faces of Violence and War: Peace and Security Challenges Mariano Aguirre
  • The EU and the African Peace and Security Architecture Roger Middleton
  • EU and Africa: A Few Contentious Points on Security Policies Roland Marchal
  • Governance and Africa-Europe Relations Ismael Valigy
  • Africa’s Challenges in International Trade and Regional Integration: What Role for Europe? Peter Draper, Phil Alves and Nkululeko Khumalo
  • Democratic Governance and Foreign Aid Carin Norberg
  • Annexe I: Highlights of the Joint Strategy
  • Annexe II: Joint Progress Report on the implementation of the Africa-EU Joint Strategy and its first Action Plan (2008-2010)
  • Annexe III: EARN Members and contacts
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