Conference on AU Priorities in Libya

According to AU Monitor, The International Conference on ‘priorities of the African Union (AU)’ started Saturday evening in Sabha (800km south of Tripoli), with the participation of several lecturers, researchers and academics from the Universities of Libya, Sudan, Egypt, Ghana, Nigeria, Great Britain and the United States.

The two-day meeting is being organised by the University of Sabha, in collaboration with the World Centre for Studies and Research on the ‘Green Book’, under the theme: ‘For building of the United States of Africa’.

According to the organisers, the conference is aimed at promoting the intellectual efforts of the sons of the continent to speed up the emergence of the United States of Africa, with a view to making it a haven of security for the peoples of the continent, a n d at highlighting the pioneering role of Libya in building an African space able to support the requirements of our time.

The meeting will also stress the political and economic importance of the United States of Africa and its role in ensuring the stability and development of the continent.

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