COUNCIL CONCLUSIONS ON ESDP: EU-AU Cooperation – Strengthening African Capabilities

The Council Conclusions on ESDP were adopted by the Council on 17 November 2009. The Council welcomed the progress in the “Peace and Security” partnership between the EU and Africa.

Political dialogue has further intensified, particularly through the joint EU-AU PSC to PSC meeting that took place in Addis Abeba on 12 October 2009 and the Ministerial Troïka that took place on 14 October 2009. Discussions with Regional Economic Communities in Africa have also been reinforced but further efforts are needed. Within the partnership, the efforts to make the African Peace and Security Architecture (APSA) operational are also making good progress, including through the reinforced involvement of the regional economic communities in Africa.

The Council welcomed the work on African training Centres and on the development of all components of the African Stand-By Force. This work is particularly welcomed in view of the EURORECAMP/Amani Africa cycle, which has progressed with the holding of the Senior Decision Makers Seminar, the Main Planning Conference and the Map Exercise (MAPEX). The final exercise (CPX) will be held mid-2010.

The Council welcomed the conclusions of the Continental Early Warning System (CEWS) mapping exercise as a useful step for the planned overall mapping exercise of APSA capacity building needs. In this context, the Council welcomed the initiatives taken in the framework of MIVAC (Mécanisme interactif de veille et d’anticipation des crises). The Council also noted work taken forward in the area of Mediation.

The Council recalled the importance of close co-operation with the UN, including through the triangular UN-AU-EU dialogue, for the strengthening of African capabilities and in the work towards predictable and sustainable funding of AU-led peace-support operations undertaken following the Prodi Panel report.

Read the document – pdf

Another document – ESDP 10 years – Challenges and Opportunities – Council conclusions – 17th Nov 09- pdf

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