The African Union Commission and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa held their First Forum for Strategic Partners Dialogue on the 1st until the 3rd of December 2009 in Addis Ababa.

The 1st of December the meeting was held at the African Union Commission (AUC);the 2nd – 3rd December the meeting took place at the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA).

Within the framework of working together for Africa, the strategies and efforts of these two important organisations need to be interdependent and inter-linked based on the principles of complimentarity and comparative advantage.

The specific focus of this forum was

I. to reflect on the need for a new partnership for the continent with the African Union as the interlocutor, supported by the Economic Commission of Africa and,

II. To re-evaluate options for developing a more strategic and equitable partnership that will be assessed based on the achievement of concrete results and outcomes in African and global affairs.

The subjects to be considered at the Forum will be as follows:

• Global Perspectives of the AU and ECA

• AUC and ECA Medium Term Priorities

• Development and Strategic Partnership for the AUC and ECA.

Read the full programme – doc

Presentation of Commissioner Maxwell Mkwezalamba on Overview of Existing partnerships: Opportunities and Challenges -ppp

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