ECDPM’s recently published annual policy and practice insights paper proposes an outline of the debates on EU Development Cooperation in 2010

In its newly published annual Challenges Policy and Practice Insights paper, ECDPM researchers and partners from African institutions preview some of the debates on EU development cooperation that are expected to unfold in 2010.  Rather than predict outcomes, the paper seeks to frame the key issues, and the broader backdrop against which they are situated, enabling as wide a group of stakeholders as possible to follow and participate in them. Drawing on an ECDPM opinion survey on EU-ACP relations conducted in 2009, the paper covers a broad landscape of issues including: the repercussions of the financial crisis and its impact on North-South relations; changing dynamics in global governance, including the critical issues of climate change, poverty reduction, migration and related development challenges; the state of EU institutional reform; and regional priorities in the ACP, the role of emerging actors and the future of the ACP Group as a whole.

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