AfriMAP and Oxfam publish “Strengthening Popular Participation in the African Union. A Guide to AU Structures and Processes”

The African Union (AU) has committed to a vision of Africa that is ‘integrated, prosperous and peaceful … driven by its own citizens, a dynamic force in the global arena.’ (Vision and Mission of the African Union, May 2004.) This guide is an effort to take up the challenge of achieving this vision. It is a tool to assist activists to engage with AU policies and programmes. It describes the AU decision-making process and outlines the roles and responsibilities of the AU institutions. This guide aims to help those organisations that wish to engage the AU but do not currently know where to start by providing an outline of the key institutions and processes and suggesting ways to influence them.

The Guide is divided into three sections:• Part 1: A description of AU organs and institutions. • Part 2: Suggestions on how to influence AU decisions and policy processes. • Part 3: A summary of the debate to restructure the AU into a ‘Union Government’.  To download the Guide, click here.

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