“Adaptation to climate change in the Africa-EU Strategy: The Climate Summit in Copenhagen” a study by Venro and Germanwatch

Particularly in Africa, the effects of climate change can already be felt today and are going to be even much harmful in the future, despite the continent has hardly contributed to it. This is why urgent measures have to be taken. The Climate Partnership of the Africa-EU Strategy has set itself the goal of creating a common climate policy agenda. Although, over the last two years, the Partnership has developed goals and co-operation options, it yet remains to come up with solutions to the issue of financing, which is the biggest challenge for achieving a successful adaptation process.

In this paper published in January 2010, Germanwatch and VENRO therefore demand greater co-operation in the context of the Joint Africa-EU Partnership. Africa and Europe need to act in concert to ensure the success of adaptation to climate change. To access this publication, click here.

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