EU launches an extensive consultation for mid-term review of its Thematic Programme ‘Cooperation with 3rd Countries in the areas of Migration and Asylum’

EU website. The EU has recently launched an extensive consultation for the mid-term review of the Thematic Programme’s current strategy paper, covering the period 2007-2010. The main objective of this review process is to assess whether this strategy paper still reflects adequately the political priorities and is well adapted to the current international context as regards migratory flows, and to define the programme’s multi-annual strategy for the period 2011-2013. All the programme’s stakeholders, including Member States, European Parliament and civil society, as well as European Commission own research and existing EU policy frameworks are invited to contribute to this process.

The Issues Paper put for online public consultation aims at contributing to such reflection on the future orientation of the Thematic Programme, as regards its rationale, scope, strategic objectives and priorities, approach and implementation modalities, by raising a number of aspects to be considered in the definition of the new strategy. The programme’s main stakeholders are strongly encouraged to send their views and comments on these issues, as well as any others that they might find relevant in the context of this Mid-Term Review. Reactions for this external consultation have to be sent by 31 March 2010.

It should also be kept in mind that the Thematic Programme ‘Cooperation with 3rd Countries in the areas of Migration and Asylum’ (whose predecessor was the AENEAS programme) is highly relevant to the Migration, Mobility and Employment Partnership of the Joint Africa-EU Strategy, since more than a third of its budget (34% of the budget for 2007-2010) is dedicated to support to African countries in their efforts to ensure better management of migratory flows through the ‘Southern Migratory Route’ (i.e. flows originating from or transiting through Sub-Saharan and North African countries). In turn, these efforts constitute a critical part of the first Priority Action of the Partnership, which seeks to implement the declaration of the Tripoli Ministerial Conference on Migration and Development.

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