Report on a Seminar on the Future of the Joint Africa-EU Strategy, in the run-up to the 3rd Summit

In the run-up of the third EU-Africa Summit to be held in Sirte (Libya) by the end of 2010, this informal seminar on the future of the Joint Africa-EU Strategy, organised by Casa Africa on 15-16 February in Las Palmas (Spain), aimed to contribute to the on-going preparation of the Summit within the various relevant institutions. The report of the seminar contains discussions and main conclusions on a number of issues, including the calendar and way ahead towards the Summit and some of its possible main issues, deliverables and challenges; the priority domains and lessons learned from the past for the 2011-2013 Action Plan; the political importance of the Joint Africa-EU Strategy in the EU’s new external action setup; the possibly revised institutional and operational architecture as well as how mobilizing Member States, RECs and Civil Society. Read the article here.

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