African Governance Institute meeting on “Current African Thinking on Developmental Governance” – Summary report

The African Governance Institute (AGI) organized a high level Seminar on “Current African Thinking on Developmental Governance”, in Dakar, from 10-12 March 2010. This meeting was in line with AGI’s activities in policy dialogue and advocacy for democratic governance and was a follow up to its inaugural workshop held in November 2009. During that workshop, the AGI and its partners had established the objectives of conceptualizing and promoting democratic governance, among others, within a genuinely African perspective, by placing the human being in the centre of the effort to regulate public space in the African countries. The organization of this high level Seminar is a concrete translation of this commitment.
The Seminar sought to enable governance experts, governance practitioners in the public and private sectors and civil society activists to embark on a brainstorming exercise relating to the major challenges that Africa has to confront and to propose methods of rethinking the governance process in Africa by responding to the peace, human rights and development aspirations of the populations. Download the report of this seminar.

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