European Commission’s initial Internal Assessment screening and planning of further Communication work on the Joint Africa-EU Strategy

This document from the European Commission comes at a time where “the Communication will be instrumental to prepare the third EU-Africa Summit which will take place in Africa on 29-30 Nov.2010. This Summit will take stock of the progress made in the Partnership and in the implementation of its first Action Plan 2008-2010. It will also provide political guidance and impetus for further work, including through the adoption of the Action Plan 2011- 2013. The Communication will address EU-Africa relations in a broad perspective, including change in Africa, the evolving strategic issues at continental and global level, the key EU interests in this context, etc. The Communication will contribute to clarify our expectations from and objectives for the Summit and, more generally, for our political and economic engagement with Africa. It should also allow a proper political and strategic debate in Coreper, PSC and Council about Africa and EU-Africa relations. Finally, the Communication will evaluate the implementation of the Joint Africa-EU Strategy, assess the results and shortfalls of the Action Plan (2008-2010), make the necessary policy- and operational proposals for the next Action Plan (2011-2013), and make the necessary recommendations to enhance its effectiveness. Access the full document here.

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