“The AU and Security Sector Reform – A review of the Post-Conflict Reconstruction and Development Policy” – a Friedrich Ebert Foundation publication

While the AU’s attempt is encouraging, it has shortcomings, and a case can be made that Security Sector Reform (SSR) requires a new approach and mechanism and should be supported in a much more strategic, patient and regional manner. Africa is the largest ‘market’ for SSR and SSR-related services. African ownership, however, remains limited. The AU should provide that. Meanwhile, new concepts (such as SSR and human security) are entering into all of the AU’s important policy documents and security discourse. The AU should develop an African framework for SSR that prioritizes the continent’s needs and concerns and which will reflect African ownership; making sure that the orientation and content of reforms are guided by an African framework. Developing a strong and comprehensive continental framework for SSR is a prerequisite for peace and security in Africa and the AU must address it robustly and effectively. Download this publication.

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