14th Africa-EU Ministerial Troika meeting – 26 April 2010, in Luxembourg

The Africa and EU in Partnership official website. Within the framework of the Africa-EU Dialogue, the 14th Ministerial Meeting will take place in Luxembourg on 26 April 2010. High-level senior officials and ministers are meeting to discuss the implementation of the Joint Strategy as well as preparation for the 3rd AU-Africa Summit, to be held in November 2010.

It is an opportunity to review the steps taken so far and to identify priority actions for the future. Since the adoption of the Joint Strategy in December 2007, it took some time for both the African and EU sides to organize themselves internally and to elaborate new working methods which would allow them to reach the objectives outlined in the first action plan.

Now, looking ahead to the second action plan, Heads of State and Government are focusing consultations on the major political challenges as identified in the Joint Strategy. These include MDGs and food security, Peace & Security, Climate Change and Energy, and overcoming the financial and economic crisis, through the mobilization of the private sector and the development of infrastructures.

The preparation of guidelines for the second Action Plan covering 2011-2013, thinking of ways to involve all JAES actors through enhanced participation, input and contribution by Joint Expert Groups and management of resources for the implementation of the action plan are on the agenda of the meeting.

The Joint Options Paper on the implementation of the JAES and the joint Communiqué are expected to be adopted at the end of the 14th Africa-EU Ministerial Meeting.

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