Report of the 3rd Joint Expert Group (JEG) meeting on the Africa-EU Democratic Governance and Human Rights Partnership

This report presents some elements of the discussion of the 3rd JEG meeting in the three priority actions of the Partnership. These includes issues such as how to develop a Platform for Dialogue on Democratic Governance and Human Rights (with a workshop on this project to be taken place in September 2010); the African Governance Architecture and the proposed Human Rights Strategy for Africa; the African Peer Review Mechanism; the issue of combating racism, racial discrimination and incitement to racial hatred and xenophobia; the EU-AU Human Rights Dialogue; cooperation in international fora; the proposed guidelines on the management of the JEG meetings; the implementation of the projects in the area of cooperation in cultural goods; the revision and update of the Implementation Roadmap and the preparation of the second Action Plan. Read the Report of the meeting, the updated Roadmap (summarising actions recently implemented and planned for the next months) and the Terms of Reference of the upcoming Workshop on the Africa-EU Platform for Dialogue and of the next JEG on Democratic Governance and Human Rights.

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