EU-Africa Conference on “Promoting Trade and Investment – Mobilising Diaspora Capacities and Resources” 1-2 July 2010, Brussels

The aim of the conference is to increase trade and investment flows into Africa and to encourage a transcontinental exchange of knowledge and expertise. The conference will have as a specific objective, fostering business to business linkages, and in particular encouraging technology transfer, joint ventures, manufacturing contracts, franchising, sub-contracts, financial investments, equipment provision and inter-regional trade. It will seek to leverage the capacities and resources of the African Diaspora based in Europe, and those that have returned to their countries of origin in the recent past. Many within the Africa Diaspora are already engaged in business and can play an important role in brokering partnerships on both the European and African sidesA central plank of the of the conference will be to create an environment that facilitates memorandums of understanding (MoUs) and Joint ventures (JVs) between the selected African and European companies.

More information available here.

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