Joint Expert Group meeting of the Africa-EU Partnership on Science, Information Society and Space – 18 May 2010, in Durban

The meeting of the Joint Expert Group (JEG8) for the 8th Africa-EU Strategic Partnership for Science, Information Society and Space will be hosted by the Department of Science and Technology in association with IST-Africa 2010 on Tuesday 18 May 2010 in Durban (South Africa).

This meeting follows on from the previous JEG8 meeting hosted by Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Egypt in Cairo on 5-6 March in association with the African Ministerial Conference for Science and Technology. It will share achievements to date within the three pillars of activities, lighthouse projects currently being launched and a discussion of the way forward. The output of the JEG8 meeting will be further discussed in various sessions of the IST-Africa 2010 (19-21 May 2010), which will focus on the Role of Information Communications Technologies (ICT) for Africa’s Development and specifically on Applied ICT research topics addressing major societal and economic challenges.

Read more information on these two events and a document on the preparation of the JEG8 meeting.

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