7th Africa Europe Training Course for youth organisations, 23-30 May in South Africa

This Training Course is organised by the North-South Centre of the Council of Europe within the framework of the Partnership between the EC and the Council of Europe in the field of Youth and in cooperation with the Africa Institute of South Africa, the European Youth Forum and the Pan African Youth Union. It aims to strengthen the role of young organisations as civil society actors and youth ability to organise and take action, to reinforce their political participation, as well as identify educational principles to promote the global citizenship of young people in Europe and Africa. In this regard, this course will be a unique opportunity for participants to get acquainted with the framework of the Joint Africa-EU Strategy and develop a common understanding of the situations and challenges faced by young people in Europe and Africa. Thus, this training course will act as a preparatory moment and consultation towards the 2nd Africa Europe Youth Summit to be held in November 2010, in the framework of the 3rd Africa-EU Summit of Heads of State in Tripoli (Libya).

More information about this event here.

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