Andris Piebalgs remains concerned by the political deadlock in Madagascar and considers the adoption of appropriate measures to be inevitable

EU website. On 7 June 2010, the European Union decided to close the consultations with the Republic of Madagascar which began on 6 July 2009 and adopted appropriate measures under Article 96 of the Cotonou Agreement. Andris Piebalgs, European Commissioner for Development said: “We are faced with real political deadlock, which leads us today to close the consultations that begun almost a year ago with Madagascar and to adopt appropriate measures – in this case suspension of aid – as foreseen in the Cotonou Agreement.”

The European Commission has supported African and international mediation efforts over the last year to bring the various Malagasy political factions to agree to a consensual and inclusive transition process and restore constitutional order. The appropriate measures taken by the EU follow those adopted by the African Union and the Southern African Development Community.

In the absence of progress and following the implementation by the de facto authorities of a unilateral transition process, there is no alternative but to adopt these appropriate measures which will mean the suspension of all budget support as well as implementation of the National Indicative Programme in the framework of the 10th European Development Fund for the next 12 months. These measures will not affect humanitarian aid or certain projects which directly benefit the population.

The European Commission will continue to support mediation efforts and stands ready to review its position at any time. In the case of an evolution of the situation in a positive direction, the Commission reserves the right to propose to the Council of the European Union the adoption of accompanying measures for this process.

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