New Publication: “Governance of the aid system and the role of the EU”

Spanish EU Presidency website. This paper was presented at the Spanish EU Presidency Conference on Development Cooperation in times of crisis and on achieving the MDGs, held on the 9th and 10th of June 2010 in Madrid. It is about governance of the aid system, with specific reference to the European Union. The EU makes a good case study, because all the global questions about governance of international aid also apply at the level of the EU. Is this a coherent and planned system, or more random and chaotic in nature? Is it capable of being governed and planned? Should it be governed and planned in its entirety? And assuming governance or architectural interventions are possible, should the aim be consolidation into fewer entities or cooperation among many?
Download this paper, which attempts to provide some elements of response to these issues, as well as other other documents presented at this conference.

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