New MAFE Policy Brief: “Migration Between Africa and Europe”

Migration between Africa and Europe website. African migration has become a major concern for European policy-makers. New policy measures are under development, but are not always based on a good understanding of the underlying causes, nature and consequences of African migration. The Migration between Africa and Europe (MAFE) project aims to overcome this lack of understanding by collecting and analysing a new and unique set of quantitative data.

Underpinning MAFE is the recognition that migration is not simply a one-way flow from Africa to Europe. Rather, return migration, circulation and transnational practices are significant and need to be recognised in policy design. This briefing introduces MAFE research and illustrates, using preliminary findings, how its innovative approach and methodology will contribute to improved knowledge and understanding to develop sustainable migration policies.

Download here this Policy Brief produced by the Communication Team of the MAFE Project.

The MAFE project is a major research initiative focused on migration between Sub-Saharan Africa and Europe. It brings together nine European and African research centres working on international migration. For any further information related to the MAFE project, click here.

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