Ghana, Burkina Faso Push For Energy Supply

Government of Ghana Donor countries and institutions such as the World Bank and European Union (EU) have been called upon to urgently release funds to begin the long awaited interconnection Project.

The call was made at the second round-table meeting on the West African Power Pool yesterday in Accra. The estimated 77 million dollar project between Ghana and Burkina Faso, is to link the two power system in both countries for exchanges and ensure a robust and reliable power supply for the West African sub-Region.

Speaking at the opening of the meeting, the Secretary General of the West African power pool, Mr. Amendou Diallo, said the project will among others see the construction of a 225kv Transmission line from Bolgatanga Substation in Ghana to the Zagtouli substation in Burkina Faso.

Mr. Dialo, intimated that the meeting will enable the two countries achieve their objective of convincing the donor partners of the benefits to be accrued from the project when implemented within three years, hence the need for the financial assistance.

In an exclusive interview with the ISD, the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Volta River Authority (VRA), Mr. Isaac Koffi, pledged his outfit’s commitment to the project, adding that it will position Ghana to benefit from her energy supply to the sub-sahara region.

“VRA is determined to help supple adequate power to Burkina Faso to relief the high cost of energy mix in that country”, he asserted.

The second meeting hosted by Ghana, comes at the back of a similar one organised in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso on the17th of June this year; it also included donor partners like the ECOWAS Bank for investment and Development and the African Development Bank.

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