Development Effectiveness in Africa: A new initiative

Open Forum for CSO Development Effectiveness Based in part on the activities of the Open Forum on the African continent, a group of organizations is working to establish the African Civil Society Platform on Principled Partnership (ACPPP), which is a continental platform that will proactively and collectively address continental challenges to the operating and internal environment of CSOs through among other strategies the establishment of a set of engagement principles with governments and development partners.

The platform seeks to:
1    Strengthen positive collaboration between NGOs and Government in key areas of service delivery, policy change and social transformation at all levels;
2    Strengthen development across Africa through open and transparent legislation with clarity of the space and place of civil society in national development;
3    Create opportunities that encourage sustainability and community engagement in development by encouraging philanthropy, local participation and government funding of development initiatives;
4    Allow for and actively encourage self regulation that promotes partnerships, peer review and self examination.

For more information on this initaive, please see their communique, or contact

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