Decisions, Declarations, Resolutions of the 15th AU Summit

A number of topics was discussed and decided upon at the AU Summit in Kampala last month. They ranged from the establishment of a Pan African University; to an African Petroleum Fund, UN Security Council reform, the fight against terrorism and G20 membership.  They also covered the ban of certain conventional weapons and African Caribbean relations amongst others.  Paying tribute to the Summit’s theme, participants stressed their commitment to Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) 4, 5 and 6 in particular in order to improve the state of health of Africa’s women and children.

Special attention was demanded by the AU Summit to the EU to support further facilitation of the fight against impunity by applying the Principle of Universal Jurisdiction allowing states to persecute criminals beyond national legislation and the establishing of an African Integration Facility. Moreover, the AU called upon those AU Member States, which are signatories to the Rome Statute not to arrest President El-Bashir, and criticized the ICC’s decision. Further common positions were sought in terms of climate change and advancing continental integration by transforming the African Union Commission into the African Union Authority. In terms of the diversification of its energy sources the continent thought about the necessity of making use of nuclear energy.

Preparing for the 3rd Africa-EU Summit in November, participants agreed to focus on the next Joint Africa-EU Strategy Action Plan’s themes and to discuss the possibility of adopting “Economic Growth, Job Creation and Investment” as the Summit’s overarching theme. For the full official list of decisions, declarations and resolutions click here.

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