Referendum Commission approves EU, AU and Carter Center to monitor Referendum

Sudanese Embassy The Chairman of  the National Referendum Commission (NRC), Mohamed Ibrahim Khalil, said that the Commission approved applications of European Union (EU), African Union (AU) and Carter Center to monitor the process.

He told Radio Miraya that parties will fully cooperate with these observers, pointing out that the Commission requested the authorities to facilitate the entrance of the observers into the country.

Khalil blasted comments of the Governor of Eastern Equatoria State, in which he called on citizens of the state to vote for secession so as to get rid of what he called the “northern oppression”.

Khalil said that such statements might raise troubles and consider them as form of intimidations that go against the Constitution, which guarantees freedom of choice to vote for either unity or separation. In response the Governor of Eastern Equatoria, Lobong Logoare, denied calling for or forcing the citizens of his state to vote for separation.

Logoare confirmed to Radio Miraya that it is his constitutional right as an individual to call for an option he sees right, pointing out that it is ensured  in the  Comprehensive Peace Agreement and the transitional constitution.

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