The EU allocates EUR 47 million to support peace-keeping operation in Somalia

EU Today, the European Commission confirmed its support to the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) by providing an additional EUR 47 million to the African Union, bringing the EU allocation to AMISOM to a total of EUR 142 million funded under the African Peace Facility (APF) since 2007.

Catherine Ashton, EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy/ Commission Vice-President said: “AMISOM remains crucial to prevent a severe further downfall in the security of Somalia and has proven to be key to the creation of minimum security pre-conditions for dialogue and reconciliation in Somalia”

EU Commissioner for Development, Andris Piebalgs, added: “The EU is committed to support the African Union in creating the necessary conditions to national reconciliation, lasting peace, stability and sustainable development in Somalia. I hope that this mission will establish an environment where human rights are respected, the protection of all citizens assured and internally displaced persons and refugees can return home in safety and dignity.”

AMISON has had an uninterrupted peacekeeping presence in Mogadishu since March 2007. The renewed EU support will continue to give AMISOM the means to provide protection to the Transitional Federal Institutions; assist in the implementation of the national Security and Stabilisation plan (NSSP); facilitate humanitarian operations and provide support to disarmament and stabilisation efforts.


The EU support to AMISOM is funded under the African Peace Facility and channelled through the African Union. Today’s decision is the fourth of its kind (“AMISOM IV”): the EU funding to AMISOM has provided from the beginning of the operation predictable and continued support to key mission’s costs, including troop allowances for peacekeepers, salaries for civilian staff, transport and medical costs.

The support to AMISOM is part of a multi-level EU strategy towards Somalia which encompasses regular assistance to the security sector through development programmes and projects, humanitarian assistance, naval security operations and security training.

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