ECOWAS non-state actors receive EU funding for regional integration

ECOWAS Twelve regional Non-State Actors (NSAs) in ECOWAS Member States were presented grants totalling one million Euros by ECOWAS and the European Union at a ceremony scheduled taking place in Abuja on Wednesday, 1st September, 2010.

The grant is part of the efforts of the two Commissions to broaden the support and the participation of NSAs and NSAs networks in the regional integration process in West Africa by leveraging comparative advantages of national and regional NSA groups via call for proposals.

Known as the 9th EDF ROC 15, ROC 10 Projects, the programmes will among others, strengthen the capacity of NSAs to enable them play effective and relevant roles in the integration process, react to issues and participate in the formulation of regional policies, strategies and programmes.

It will also facilitate the creation of NSA network within the region on regional issues pertaining to the vulnerable populations including women, children, youth, workers, farmers, elderly, disabled as well as faith based organisations.

The 12 awardees include five of the 62 private sector organisations that responded to a previous call for proposals from the NSA’s issued by the two ECOWAS and UEMOA Commissions in 2008.

The Regional Non-State Actors are Non Governmental actors from the fifteen ECOWAS Member States who are advancing development, promoting change and
helping in building sustainable development in the region. As members of the civil society, they focus on the defence of the interest of social groups.

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