APR Panel appoints new CEO a.i. to head APRM Secretariat

NEPAD The Chairperson of the APR Panel of Eminent persons Prof. Mohammed Seghir Babes on Monday installed Mr. Assefa Shifa of Ethiopia as the new Chief Executive Officer ai of the APRM Secretariat following the resolution of the APR Panel at its 42nd meeting.

Mr. Shifa, welcomed the honor of the appointment. “I will work with everyone to achieve the success of this unique African initiative. The way forward has been approved by the Panel; we have a new vision and new roadmap, the Secretariat stands ready to complement the new vision and serve the ideals and objectives of the organization”, said Mr. Shifa.

The Chairperson also proceeded to the installation of Dr. Moise Nembot as the Deputy Chief Executive Officer a.i. of the Secretariat in conformity with the APR Panel resolution

During the 42nd meeting of the APR Panel, the Members of the Panel adopted a new road map for the Secretariat’s work particularly in terms of the reallocation of countries among Panel members and country review missions.

In the statement, Prof. Babes goes on to reveal that the Panel also decided to engage with the African Heads of State and Government on the manual of operating rules of procedures of the APR Panel which should be prepared and adopted in accordance with the fundamentals of the APRM base documents .

Crucially, regarding the APRM’s integration into the African Union structures and processes, Prof. Babes called upon APRM staff to continue working professionally and to be reassured of their job security during this period of transition.

The Panel was saddened to learn of the death of Dr. Siteke Mwale who passed away on the 20th September 2010. Dr. Mwale, who was a member of the Panel of Eminent Persons until his untimely death will be greatly missed.

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