Statement of Jean Ping on the resignation of Somalia’s Prime Minister

AU The Chairperson of the African Union Commission, Dr. Jean Ping, welcomes the selfless decision by the Prime Minister of the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke to relinquish his position in the interest of restoring harmony within the Transitional Federal Institutions of Somalia (TFIs).

The African Union Commission Chairperson considers the resignation of Mr. Sharmarke as a patriotic decision which demonstrates his firm commitment to the realization of peace and stability to Somalia. Dr. Ping also applauds the responsible manner by which President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed and other political leaders in the Transitional Federal Institutions have so far managed the crisis within the TFIs.

The Chairperson urges the TFG leadership to seize the opportunity of Mr. Sharmarke’s resignation to refocus on their transitional tasks, under the Djibouti Peace Agreement and the Somalia Transitional Federal Charter. He notes that, in order to facilitate a smooth and successful conclusion of the transitional process in August 2011, Somalia’s leaders must work cohesively and draw up a clear strategy for the realization of their mandate.

The Chairperson reiterates the resolve of the African Union to continue to stand firmly behind the people of Somalia in their quest for sustainable peace after more than two decades of a deadly armed conflict.

Dr. Ping wishes to reassure the TFG that the African Union, in partnership with other members of the international community, remain prepared to support the actualization of the remaining transitional tasks, including the process of writing a new Constitution for Somalia and development of a National Security and Stabilization Plan.

Dr. Ping also takes this opportunity to express appreciation to AMISOM Troop and Police Contributing Countries for their unflinching commitment to peace in Somalia, as demonstrated by their continued deployment of personnel and other resources to AMISOM, and calls upon AU Member States and Partners to provide increased support to the Mission.

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