Water and Energy in Africa

EURAFRIC Water and Energy in Africa will be the theme of the 10th Edition of the EURAFRIC-PARTNERS Forum, which will be held 18th – 21th October 2010 at the Lyon Convention Centre (France).

Organised by the Agency for the Development of Businesses in Africa with the support of the European Commission, the Region Rhone-Alps and the Grand Lyon, this 10th edition will bring together in Rhone-Alps (the primary region for energy production in France and Europe) experts and representatives from international funding bodies, political and economic decision makers, and businesses, around the issues of Water and Energy, two sectors considered to be priorities in Africa and for the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals (MDG).

Thanks to the number of participants, the quality of the speakers and the relevance of the themes covered, this gathering has become one of the most important inter-business meetings of its kind between France, Europe, and Africa. For certain European SME/SMI it acts as a unique occasion to meet leading political and business decision makers from several African countries.

This European edition will welcome SME/SMI from several European countries (Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain, and France).

The aim of the EURAFRIC FORUM partnerships will be to promote partnerships between the EU and Africa in the sectors of Water and Energy, to improve the competitiveness of African businesses, and to reduce poverty in Africa.

The Forum is directed to European and African SME/SMI specialized in equipment manufacturing and industrial subcontracting, to large public and private companies, political decision makers, financial institutions and partners, professional associations, and to organisms which promote investment.

The promotion of partnerships between European SME/SMI and African businesses in the Water and Energy sectors is the key goal of this meeting, organized in the primary region for energy in Europe.

Financing for water and energy, transfers of technology and SME/SMI partnerships will be the major themes of this 4-day gathering between European and African businesses.

The lunchtime debate will be dedicated to ‘EU – African Cooperation as part of the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs)’.

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