Council of the EU calls for drawing up a strategy on the Sahel

Council of the EU At their 3041st Foreign Affairs Council meeting the Council adopted the following conclusions:

“1.    As the Council emphasised in its conclusions of 27 October 2009 and its declaration of 26 July 2010, the development of cross-border threats such as terrorism and organised crime, coupled with extreme poverty, unresolved internal conflicts and the weakness and fragility of the States concerned, constitutes a growing challenge for the stability of the region and for the European Union. These threats directly affect the local populations and States of the region, particularly Mauritania, Mali and Niger. They also have an impact on the security of European nationals.

2.    In close cooperation with the States of the region, the United Nations, the African Union and other international partners, and in support of the efforts already undertaken by the Sahel States, the European Union, following up the work being done by the Commission and the Council Secretariat to formulate a holistic and integrated approach, intends to make use of various instruments at its disposal in a coherent way to foster security, stability, development and good governance in the Sahel-Saharan strip. The EU is also encouraging the strengthening of dialogue and cooperation between the countries of the region.

3.    To this end, the Council invites the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, in association with the Commission, to draw up a strategy on the Sahel for the beginning of next year.”

Access the document here.

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