Non-State Actor participation in CAADP

CAADP Over the last month, we have made considerable progress on defining how to boost the participation of Non-State Actors in the Cromprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Porgramme (CAADP) process:

• Feedback on the options paper was received from a broad range of stakeholders
• A presentation and consultation workshop at the Africa Forum in Burkina Faso generated much valuable input and raised awareness
• An action-planning workshop in Johannesburg benefited from active participation by representatives from all main constituencies and from across all regions of Africa.
• The workshop formulated draft content for a set of Guideline Standards on NSA participation in CAADP; and agreed a set of Recommended Interventions to boost participation.
• Work on the CAADP Capacity Development Strategy has integrated the needs of NSA

Feedback on the options paper
In general the options paper was very well-received, and feedback simply added detail and called for practical action to implement the recommendations.

Some of the more substantive feedback included:

• Mainstream gender inclusion
• Ensure country teams include representatives with a comprehensive concern for all four pillars of CAADP – especially with regard to nutrition and food security.
• Increase clarity on how to ensure NSA representatives on the country team are selected by their constituency.
• Increase communication efforts, including leveraging the media.
• Increase clarity on how to structure NSA participation at the regional level.
• Engage parliamentarians via their technical committees.

The draft guideline standards and recommended interventions
The main outputs of the action planning workshop was draft content for:

1. Guideline Standards for NSA participation in the CAADP process
2. A set of recommended interventions to boost participation and close the gap between reality and aspiration

Click here to read a summary presentation of the meeting including the draft content. These two documents will be written up and translated by the end of January 2011. All the feedback on the option paper was integrated into these outputs.

The Guideline Standards should provide a clear benchmark on quality participation that country teams and other stakeholders can use to reflect on how effective NSA participation is structured in their context. The primary recommended intervention is to undertake a “road-show” in which the guidelines are presented to country teams (plus some additional key Non-State Actors in the country), and then a facilitated dialogue generates a targeted plan of action for improving the quality of participation in that specific context.

Read the summary presentation for much more detail on the guidelines and recommendations.

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